• Title: Who Owes Who
    • Price: $1.99
    • Seller: David Ross
    • Category: Utilities
    • Release Date: October 4, 2010
    • Version Reviewed: 1.0
    • Rating: 4+
    • Reviewed On: iPhone 4


I do not know about you, but my friends occasionally borrow money from me. Unfortunately (for me), they never remember how much they owe or to whom. Fortunately, with the app, Who Owes Who, I’m certain my money troubles will disappear…hopefully.

Who Owes Who is a handy utility app for iOS devices that allows you to keep tabs on, well, who owes who! The app takes the stress out of splitting up group expenses such as road trips, planning a party, or roommate expenses. I found the app to be very helpful when I recently took a road trip with my friends to the East Coast.

The app allowed me to see how much everyone owed each other after a couple weeks of driving, eating out, and partying. Inside Who Owes Who, I was able to see that my friend had paid for Gas, while my other two friends had paid for groceries and eating out, respectively. But I had paid for a large chunk of the trip, so the app told me what each of my friends owed me so that we would be even. The app not only told me how much everyone owed, but it let me pester them with email so that they would not forget.

Overall, the app is cleanly laid out and is quite simple. With only a few buttons and options, I would be truly surprised if the developer had managed to complicate things dramatically. In terms of the app’s beauty, I would give it a solid 6 out of 10. There’s nothing wrong with the interface, it just does not have a lot of personality, but there is nothing wrong with that.

After using Who Owes Who for a couple of weeks now, my money problems have almost gone away. I’ve successfully managed to remind my friends that they owe me money, while also angering them with constant emails, but I guess that’s what they deserve. So thank you, developers of Who Owes Who, you have made my money lending problems so much better!


    • Very helpful in money borrowing situations


    • Interface is somewhat dull


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