• Title: Shift Worker
  • Price: $2.49
  • Developer: Mark Schumann
  • Publisher: Mark Schumann
  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: March 18, 2011
  • Version Reviewed: 1.4.2
  • Rating: 4+


If you are anything like me, you have had to do shift work in the past, and you hated it. Not only is it hard to have a social life with a constantly changing schedule, it is also a pain to keep track of when you are supposed to work. In this day and age there are many ways to keep track of your schedule but some are better than others. This is where Shift Worker comes in handy. To me, it is the ultimate way to manage your work schedule if you are stuck doing shift work.

You may be thinking that using an app to track your schedule is like killing a fly with a flamethrower, but the fact is Shift Worker is intuitive and does its job very well. You can quickly setup your shifts and start building your future schedules months in advance. In addition to that, Shift Worker is easy to update if your schedule changes and the option to setup alternating weekly schedules will come in very handy. Another nice option is the ability to add a color coded note for each day, this should help you remember why you are working a day you normally do not or why you are leaving early. Finally, one of my favorite features is the one that allows you to share your schedule with friends and family via Twitter, MMS, and Facebook.

As for the user interface, you may find it to be a bit intimidating at first but that feeling won’t last long as you start to setup your schedules. Shift Worker allows you to customize the way you track your shifts. Choose from a plethora of icons and colors so that you can easily check your schedule at a glance. While the icons are not terrible, I would prefer to see more polished attractive icons like the ones that make a lot of great apps so nice to look at.

The bottom line is it was very difficult for me to find anything I didn’t like about Shift Worker. It does a great job of easily solving an issue, which is keeping track of an ever changing schedule. If I had an app like this back in the day, I might still be bagging groceries at the Piggly Wiggly instead of getting fired and deciding to persue an education. Whether you have trouble keeping track of your schedule or not, do yourself a favor and get this app.


  • Easily Tracks Work Schedule
  • Schedule Setup is Quick and Painless
  • Sharing Options via Email, Facebook and Many More


  • The Graphics Could be More Pleasing to the Eye
  • Wish you could navigate month to month with a finger swipe.


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