Ever play something that should be awesome, but your own stupidity takes away from the experience? Welcome to Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders, and Product Placement. I will refer to it as Hamlet from now on. I found out quickly the game was not about a pig pretty quickly. I was not too disappointed, only a hint. This non-pork inspired game is a quirky touch adventure game based on the William Shakespeare play, I don’t recall bombs and electric zappers in my English literature classes in high school, but I did sleep a lot there, so I cannot attest to the similarities or differences in the game and classic play. I do wish for a famous play based on pork products… Anywho… Your goal in the game is to save Ophelia. Apparently she is not the best at avoiding deadly situations. The game has no instruction set or really any helpful hints until you sit and poke at the screen for a couple of minutes, then you can hit the question mark and get a clue that ranges from subtle to WTF. Perhaps I am just too stupid to figure these puzzles out from the clues and random poking, it’s an entirely true possibility. But it is not the easiest thing I have ever played that is for ages four and up. It is fun though, and the humor is very good. It rides that fun and hard line pretty well. The title alone is a great testament to the humor and the game play further develops and pushes that theme along.

I can say I suggest this game with a side note of be prepared for a little bit of frustration and playing around, it’s not clear how to get through the game in a way that all modern games follow a track. Lot of poking and playing. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, but some people out there want their games simple and without much thought. I enjoy both sides of that coin personally. The price is a non-factor in buying the game or not, $1 is the closest you can get to free without it being free. It has a funny title, a funny concept, and looks to be from a small studio, so you do get the bonus of helping the little guy. If you enjoy a game that will frustrate you and force you to think, I would suggest it. If you don’t like frustration, I would pass on it. Either way the name is fantastic, Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement.


  • Great Name And Humor


  • Depending On Who You Are, Puzzles Can Be Frustrating


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