• Title: Groove Coaster
    • Price: $2.99
    • Seller: TAITO Corporation
    • Category: Games
    • Release Date: October 4, 2010
    • Version Reviewed: 1.0
    • Rating: 4+
    • Reviewed On: iPad


Music, it’s my crutch, my paradise, my everything; without it I wouldn’t be able to survive. I love any kind of music-related app that changes how I look at music, and with Groove Coaster, I’ve found an app that does just that.

Groove Coaster is somewhat of a strange app. I’d call it a mix between Guitar Hero and Space Invaders. The game allows you to tap along to music as your “avatar” rides along a musical rail. It’s actually quite fun, I’ve never seen anything like it (at least in the North America). The game has a very Japanese kind of look to it, meaning, if you saw this game in Japan it wouldn’t stand out. The game is actually really fun; when I first started playing, the game was slow, easy, and was about ready for me to give it a zero…but, soon the beat picked up. My avatar cruised along the rail at breakneck speeds, and I was hooked. From tapping to techno to beating to rock, the app seems so simple that it brings you in, but then becomes fast and furious, causing you to become sucked in for hours.

The interface is very stylized, and if I had the right syndrome or disease, could easily give me a seizure. From flashing lights to beaming rails, the interface does fit into the musical rail “shooter” genre. I would only wish for it to be toned down at times, mostly because between the music and the flashing lights, I started to get a headache by the time I was finished playing the game.

Groove Coaster was a very fun game to play, and although I came out dazed and confused, I loved it. Overall, the game is brilliant and really changes my perception of what an iOS music game can really be.


    • Fun to tap along with fast-paced music
    • Visuals are “groovy”


    • Music is unknown and weird
    • Interface and music for extended periods can cause headaches


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