I love to read comic books so the first app I purchased when I bought the iPad 2 was Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader. As you may recall we reviewed Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader Mini a while back, which Jarrod really liked. My opinion was the iPhone is simply to small to reall enjoy comics on. I bought the iPhone version but gave up on reading comics after reading just one. This is not the case with the iPad version of Comic Zeal, I love this app so much I have read 20+ comics on it in the last week or so.

Comic Zeal does the job I need it to do very well. I am always amazed at how great Amazing Spider-man or Captain America look when read on the iPad. A few of the features I really like is the ability to zoom in as well as switch to landscape mode just by turning the tablet when necessary. In addition to comic books you can also read manga using Comic Zeal, but I never tested ths functionality.

As for the interface, there isn’t really a lot to comment on. When I am reading a comic it is at full screen and if I want to see what page I am on all I have to do is tap the screen and the top bar will slide down with this information. The only problem I have with this is when I tap to see what page I am on and accidentally hit in the vicinity of the arror that turns the page, not a big deal.

Next we come to loading comics onto the iPad so you can read them. If you try to use the syncing program that Biolithic has available you will quickly come to hate loading comics and want to throw things out the window. To keep your sanity use iTunes to load comics onto your iPad and you will be much happier, but not by much. When trying to upload more than one comic my iPad locked up each time and I had to restart it. This is the only thing keeping this app from being five stars.

Comic Zeal supports both .cbr and .cbz so simply click on the name of your device in iTunes, go to Apps, select Comic Zeal and drag the books over that you want to load. You can also make sure your comics are organized on your iPad, as an exampe; if you have two comics you want grouped name them ‘Captain America~Captain America 619′ and ‘Captain America~Captain America 620′ and they will be grouped together in the ‘Captain America’ folder in Comic Zeal.

Without a doubt I love this app. It makes reading comics so much easier and with a 64GB iPad I can load a ton of comics and carry them with me anywhere I go. If you love comics and have an iPad I strongly recommend you get this app, even at $7.99, which is a bit pricey.


    • Awesome comic book reader
    • Supports multiple file formats
    • Has a decent interface



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