Personally, although I use this app, I have to say, the UI is not pretty. It’s actuallydown right ugly, but it does the job. It’s simple and is also a cross platform app. Iam comparing this app to BBM because that’s what all these IM apps are based onanyways. This app has checkmarks that show delivery and received messages andtime stamp and does much of what all the other IM apps do and has a group chat.

As much as this app sounds like it has everything, it doesn’t. It doesn’t notify youwhen someone is added to your contact list, so you have no idea that your contactlist is growing unless you are constantly checking it. It also doesn’t ask if youwant to add new contacts to your contact list or if you do not want to be added tosomeone else’s. I understand that contacts are pulls directly from your address bookand if that person is in your address book, chances are that you are friends withthem, but I still liked to be asked! Status updates are pretty much a conversation youare having with everyone on your contact list, but when you update your status, noone will know because it doesn’t show any indication that anyone has updated.

I like this app, but it still has some work that needs to be done to better engage thepeople who use it. Everyone likes to feel important when their phones are going off,but for people who don’t, give them the option to turn it off.


  • Group Chat
  • Cross Platform
  • Customizable Chat Wallpaper


  • Ugly UI
  • Lack of notifications for status updates, etc…


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