I was wondering when G5 would be coming out with the follow up to their hit game Supermarket Mania and now it has arrived! Supermarket Mania 2 is the same, but nothing like the first one! Figure that one out if you can.

Supermarket Mania 2 offers a whole lot that the first one didn’t. Namely you no longer have a cashier, you are the grocery stocker as well as the cashier. The developers have added a bakery, and coffee/milkshake station and you have to make these items instead of just filling them with your cart. To make milkshakes you actually have to grab the items from the shelves, which reduces the number in stock, which means you have to fill them more often! For me, the more things I have to juggle the more fun it is. They have added different ‘special’ items as well. These items will help you clean your floor or make your customers happy or increase their patience levels. Most of the customers that come through the doors are the same as before, but the details and graphic quality have improved a lot. Like the first one, there are more mini side goals to meet for extra bonus points and now they have added in different achievements you can receive as well. The storyline in the second Supermarket Mania starts from where it left off in the first one and it brings back the enemy from the first installment, oh and the security guard is also back.

If you haven’t played the first one yet, I would highly recommend it as well, but if you just want to play the second one, it is likely that you will get the first installment as well!


    • Lots of new items
    • Improved Graphics
    • More to do


    • $4.99 for upgrade to full version a bit pricey


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