While I was cruising the App Store I came across this game and thought to myself “how high IS my IQ?” so I downloaded this app. It is free, but there is a paid pro version as well.

You are asked a series of interactive questions and you have a set time limit toanswer the questions and get to a checkpoint. Initially, the games are quite clever and will keep you playing until you get to the end of it. The replay value of it is low once you know what to do in each question it ends up being a race against time toget the highest score, but that can all be done within an hour, if even. The graphics are well done for the game and for the first couple of times you play the game you will probably resist using the clues, but after awhile you will give in and use them. Until you use the clues, you will not fully realize the cleverness of the game.

The game is a good play, especially for a free version.  It kept me busy for a little while, but it is on to the next. If the questions in the game were always changing, I would consider buying the game.


  • Clever Questions
  • Good Graphics


  • Same set of questions over and over


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