• Title: RoboCop
  • Price: $0.99
  • Developer: MGM Studios
  • Publisher: MGM Studios
  • Category: Entertainment

  • Release Date: January 14th, 2011
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1


Childhood nostalgia is an extremely large and integral part of the geek community. RoboCop is a part of that nostalgia that many people out there cling to, so a studio developed app based on the anniversary of this classic, gimme! There is a lot to love about this classic film, the satire, the over the top violence, the Ford Taurus! The first being the best of the series and a significant dropoff thereafter. There are a lot of memories around this series though. The RoboCop vs. Terminator game on the SNES, tons and tons of comic book series. There’s a good amount of love enough to fund this app. Too bad it is crap. Crap and a half. Donkey sized dumps. The app is slow to use, the video board features some classic scenes, but they’re slow to load and choppy at times. The RoboMouth feature is the stupidest thing I’ve ever used. Way to crap all over a classic MGM. Charging $1.99 at first launch when I bought it was another turd in the punch bowl, but even at a dollar you are getting screwed.

So, unless you enjoy getting raped out of your money, do not buy this. Fun concept, but not something anyone should pay any amount of money for. Let the movie live on in your heart or find another less shitty sound/video board to use. The one thing that I wanted and hoped for in this app was the “I WORK FOR DICK JONES” line. That alone would have bumped it up at least 1 star, but no, they could not even do that. Screw you MGM, I want a refund.


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