• Title: Remember It
  • Price: $.99
  • Seller: Fernando Pizarro
  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: April 24, 2011
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Rating: 4+


I think I know what this app is supposed to do, but at the same time I’m not sure. If this alarm issupposed to remind you that you have moved 50, 200 or 500 feet, then it’s great, because it doesexactly that. However, if you are out in the wilderness and want to remember which way you camefrom, this app will not help you remember which direction you moved 50, 200 or 500 feet from.

The set up is very simple. You can chose a song from your playlist as the alarm sound and then youindicate after how many feet (50, 200 or 500) you want the after the alarm off. The app tracks yourdistance using the same function as the GPS in your phone. That is the extent of this app. It doesn’t havea little note section that tells you what you are trying to remember, it just tells you that you’ve moved Xfeet away from your starting point. There are no options or settings that you can use or set to customizethe app with. I can’t see how this app would be useful unless parents want to strap the phone with thisapp set to a toddler to go off when they have moved more than the desired distance. Not to mentionthat you must have the app open before you lock your phone or it won’t work.

For an app like this, customization is crucial, as people would use this alarm for different things. Thiscould potentially become a great app to help forgetful people or even seniors, but it definitely needsmore options to choose from and a note section to remind yourself of what you set the alarm for.


  • Alarm can be from your music library


  • No space for notes to remind you what the alarm is for
  • No options or settings
  • Only three choices for distance


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