Using your Apple device to read has long been an advertised feature; with Apple’s iBookstore, almost any book can be downloaded at your fingertips, but it falls short in terms of newspapers. So if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, look no further than PressReader.

PressReader is a fantastic app specifically for reading newspapers. The app allows you to download newspapers from several places around the world, which is an amazing feature. There’s definitely no shortage of readers around the App Store, but where PressReader beats the rest is it’s selection. This app has so many newspapers from so many places that it’s hard to choose where to get your news from! Once you do actually decide what newspaper you’ll read, you’ll have to decide whether you want to purchase each “paper” independently, or using a subscription. After that is where a problem starts to show its ugly face; downloading newspapers can be painfully slow at times and really can be a pain.

Once you’ve gotten through the download process, you can finally view your “paper”. Reading a paper is relatively simple, the normal swiping and pinching. Taping an article headline brings up a simplified view that comes with a very handy feature, articles can be read aloud. It’s a great feature that makes PressReader more than a simple reader. There is a slight problem while reading newspapers, while swiping through pages, performance can become jerky and slow down. It seems to be a minor bug, but it can be annoying.

PressReader is a great reader for newspapers. It has the largest selection of any newspaper reader I’ve seen thus far, and its read aloud feature makes skimming through the news easier than ever. So if you’re someone who doesn’t want to take advantage of news from the web, but doesn’t want to lug around sheets of paper all day..PressReader is for you.


  • Great functionality
  • Schedule Setup is Quick and Painless
  • Sharing Options via Email, Facebook and Many More


  • The Graphics Could be More Pleasing to the Eye
  • Wish you could navigate month to month with a finger swipe.


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