• Title: PlainText
  • Price: Free (Ad removal for $5)
  • Developer: Jesse Grosjean
  • Publisher: Hog Bay Software
  • Category: Productivity

  • Release Date: September 28th, 2010
  • Version: 1.3


I decided to try PlainText at the suggestion of my friend Jeff for a good note taking application that I can sync. His suggestion was spot on. PlainText is a plain text editor for your favorite iOS device of choice (iPhone 4 for me) that syncs  the plain text documents to your Dropbox account. This may sound more complicated than it really is, but I assure you, it is not at all complicated. I would describe the idea of this application as Evernote meets the Notes application that comes on your iOS device. The fact that this application syncs with Dropbox accounts makes it wonderful for anyone out there that works on a multiple computers and carries their iOS device everywhere. You will get the ability to always have your documents with you and be able to edit and view them from wherever you are.

PlainText by the design and inception was meant to be a very simplistic and easy to use application, and the developer hit the nail on the head. You open the application and can start right away adding folders and creating your plain text documents. No fuss no hassle. The interface looks wonderful in its simplicity and takes 2 minutes to figure out on your own, or you can read the provided documentation. It is not required, but the Dropbox syncing makes this application shine. I would never have used  Dropbox until downloading PlainText. I just never saw much of a point for myself to use it. I was wrong, it is fantastic. I downloaded Dropbox and went through the setup on my PC, easy as pie. Flipping back to PlainText the settings menu is quick to get to and easy to understand. I popped in my Dropbox account info and in about a minute the notice popped up on my PC that I had the folder that PlainText created synced over. The folder that gets created is aptly named PlainText and houses all of your folders and files that you create with the application. Adding, editing and deleting are all done with such a great amount of ease. The turn around of changing something on the phone and having it reflected on your Dropbox account is seamless and crazy fast. I toyed around creating folders and files for a bit as a test, but I will be using this in the future for reminders, lists and anything else I need to jot down. It’s not a 1 and done application by any means.

I can say for certain that I would suggest this application to anyone and everyone out there as a replacement for the built in Notes application or the Evernote application for text files. The price point is absolutely perfect, $0, with a $5 payment to remove the ads at the bottom, which would be nice, but they are so unobtrusive it is not quite needed.  The only value to paying would be to give the developer kudos on a fantastic piece of work. The Dropbox ability is, in my opinion, a must do.  The price point for 2gb of storage is free, so there is no reason not to use it. I will end this in saying that this application does everything it set out to do in a way that is so simple to use.  It has that zen utilitarian simple interface that you cannot help but love.


  • Free
  • Easy To Setup And Use
  • Great Way To Manage Simple Bits Of Information


  • None That I Can Think Of


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