4097 days ago

Interview Assistant

Review This is a good basic app for interviewers who do not have any experience and do not know what type of questions to ask during an interview. The app itself is quite »

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4102 days ago
Collins Pro: Russian to English Translator

Collins Pro: Russian to English Translation Dictionary

Review In high school, I took a year of Russian. It was a very difficult language to learn and I always wished there was some sort of tool that would help me. Unfortunately, »

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4103 days ago

Angry Birds

Review Okay, let’s be honest, how many people have NOT heard of Angry Birds? If you haven’t, then you definitely have been living in a cave or under a rock for the last »

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4104 days ago


Review MrMixit puts a “spin” on the classic memory match type of game by adding DJ’ing theme and some fun beats to the mix. As the robot MrMixit, you drag different »

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4109 days ago

Supermarket Mania 2

Review I was wondering when G5 would be coming out with the follow up to their hit game Supermarket Mania and now it has arrived! Supermarket Mania 2 is the same, but nothing »

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4110 days ago


Review Using your Apple device to read has long been an advertised feature; with Apple’s iBookstore, almost any book can be downloaded at your fingertips, but it falls »

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4111 days ago
Airport Mania: First Flight

Airport Mania: First Flight

Review Ever thought, “How would I do as a airport air controller?”  Here is a game that will let you try it out. This is one of the better time management games out there. »

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4117 days ago

Bumpy Road

Review The iOS app store is chock full of games that offer short, momentary levels of entertainment; so when I came upon the game Bumpy Road, I wasn’t expecting much. »

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4125 days ago


Review Being a bartender can be hard! Remembering tons of combinations that work, and tons that do not. Fortunately, with Mixology from Howcast, becoming a master bartender »

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