I picked up this game as a freebie off of a site that lists daily discounts on iOS applications. I think that was for the best. I do enjoy a good barn yard brawling game (I don’t know who wouldn’t) but my anticipation was vastly underwhelmed when I actually played the game. I can not seem to figure out why the chicken is a ninja if it sits on the bottom of the screen and you tilt the device back and forth while he is firing a canon. It is very similar to Space Invaders in play. Except you do not even have a button to press to fire. The chicken is stuck on autofire and rolls back and forth across the bottom of the screen. While this is not wholly terrible. It has nothing to do with ninjas. I guess Canon Chicken 2 does not have a good ring. It is OK I guess, but I just can not help not enjoying this game at all.

I can not suggest anyone spend their hard earned $1 on this game. Just can not do it. I want to be nice, but I just hated playing it. Could not wait to stop. It has that feel to it of all cheaply made generic games that have been given to you as a kid by an unsuspecting relative. The graphics, while cutesy, do not cover up that the game is not catchy or fun to me in any way. Perhaps if it comes up free again, you can check it out, but do not spend that dollar, save it, do something else with it.


  • Chickens Dressed As Ninjas


  • Generic “Space Invaders” Style Game Play
  • Not Fun
  • Games has nothing to do with Ninjas


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