• Title: MiBinaryClock
  • Price: $.99
  • Developer: deana maurer
  • Publisher: Home School Dev
  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: January 6th, 2011
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Rated: 4+


When I am not reviewing apps I work in the IT field at a fairly large company. When working one day I found out that our department had our very own independent iOS app developer. After some snooping I determined that he develops under the name Home School Dev and tracked down an application of his to check out. He had three on the store and I decided to check out his lone paid app. MiBinaryClock is just what the title says, a binary clock for your iOS device. When I picked up the app I had no idea how to read time in binary format, thankfully the app includes a how to and grid to help you learn to read time in this strange method of colored dots symbolizing powers of the number 2. After a few minutes of fiddling I figured out how to use it and really enjoy it. I want a binary watch or clock radio since I have learned how to tell time on it. Without a doubt have a  geek swagger that I ooze from every pore, a binary clock would add a little to my geek cred.

I would suggest picking up this app as a fun little oddity to tell time with and because the future updates will include an alarm clock feature. The fact it didn’t have one was my only knock on the app and what kept it from getting five stars. Once that feature is implemented it will be a perfect little app that does exactly what it needs to do. I also recommend it based on the fact you would be helping an independent developer, the little guy in the industry. That dollar may help to inspire those little guys onto the next big thing, wouldn’t you like the hipster cred of saying you supported Home School Dev back when MiBinaryClock was released?


  • Nice Easy To Use Interface
  • Interesting Way To Tell Time


  • Lack Of Alarm Feature, Coming Soon Though


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