This is a good basic app for interviewers who do not have any experience and do not know what type of questions to ask during an interview.

The app itself is quite customizable and has a lot of selections and categories for the types of questions an interviewer might want to ask a potential employee. The layout is nice and easy to use, you can add in your own questions or create your own categories for questions. The app also has a built in calendar to help you keep track of your interviews by entering in information such as their name, what position they are applying for and the date the interview is on.

The real meat and potatoes of this app are when you actually create an interviewee.  You can select what type of questions you want to ask and add them a list or you can create and write your own questions as well. When you hit the start button, the questions that you previously chose come up and you have the option to record the interviewee’s answer, or you could write your own comments.  At the end of the interview you can rate the interview on a scale from 0-10. There is also an option to send the interview questions and notes recorded in an email form to yourself, or your boss, or anyone else who needs it.

This is a handy app and a great tool for interviewers, but it would be more useful if this app was offered on the iPad as it would be very awkward to sit on your cell phone typing in notes in an interview. However, if offered on the iPad and using a keyboard it would look much more professional when taking notes.

Overall, this is a very well done app and its functionality is great. It helps interviewers keep organized, but I would like to see a notes section when creating a new interviewee. With the note section, the interviewer could put in specific notes that they would like to ask about the interviewee’s resume or cover letter, having that as an option would be nice.


    • Very Customizable
    • Easy to Use
    • Many Options


    • Lacks a Section for Notes


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