• Title: Healthy U

  • Price: $2.99

  • Developer: SDHTI, Inc.

  • Publisher: SDHTI, Inc.
  • Category: Healthcare & Fitness

  • Release Date: January 06, 2011
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Rating: 4+


Education is a great thing–the more the better.  Education about food in this era, with the minefield of absolute garbage being cheap and easily available, it is a must. Healthy U is an app that tries to help by educating us about food and eating. There are four main feature sets in this app–Nutrition Tools, Reading Labels, Help and Create A Meal Plan. The app looks pretty decent, their UI is pretty well done, that is about all I really like about it. Perhaps I am too educated to get much value from Healthy U, but nothing within the app was something I did not know about. The help section is a non-factor, just links to tell friends or review the app. The other three sections hold the real information. The nutrition section was another non-factor as every link in it gave an error message about an internet connection issue, there is not one though. The label reading section does have a bit of good information by going in depth on what the different lines on nutrition labels mean, it is the most valuable in the application in my opinion. The Create A Meal Plan to me is pretty useless. It asks an extremely basic list of questions and creates a super generic meal plan, there is a lot better information out there for this with real details and varieties.

I cannot suggest that anyone grab Healthy U. The information that is provided can be found in a limitless amount of other health and nutrition websites in a much better format and amount of detail. The price is  a complete slap in the face and/or balls, $2.99 is outrageous for the amount of information (or lack there of) and lack of features provided by Healthy U. I do not even think at this phase with the information and features $0.99 is a worthy amount. Get your health information elsewhere until they provide more information and drop the price all together. The only thing nice I can really go with is that the UI looks good…


  • Good looking UI


  • Lack of information
  • Lack of features
  • Outrageous price


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