• Title: Grimm
  • Price: $0.99
  • Developer: ROBOX Studios
  • Publisher: ROBOX Studios
  • Category: Games

  • Release Date: January 14th, 2011
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1

  • Mode: Single Player
  • Rated: 12+


Neglectful parenting in the Victorian era, what a great setup for a game! ROBOX Studios brings us one of the strangest game concepts I have ever played. You are a baby in a buggy that is abandoned at a rail station, it is your mission to evade Mr. Grimm.  He is the creepy man chasing you through ten levels of oddities. Buggies running from crows and bottle throwing drunks makes for an odd time.  Toss in the graphical styling and you have a great world setup for a game. The control system is pretty cool and an interesting way to get you involved in the escape from Mr. Grimm.  Tilting the phone either direction gets the buggy moving. The controls, while innovative, are buggy at times and it takes away from the appearance of a fantastic game. I think that future updates will cure this and give us the full experience of a great game.

Right now I can not say with 100% certainty that you should pick up this game. While it is cheap and fun, the glitches with the tilt sensor at times make it difficult to play.  The glitch makes the difference between a safe baby and a dead baby. No one likes a dead baby. Perhaps Mr. Grimm is just chasing you to help out, but by his creepy look and the dark overtones of the game make me not trust him. For the price it is a toss, a game with some growing pain issues, or no game with a baby running from a creepy guy, you pick.


  • Fantastic Art And Design
  • Well Done Tutorial
  • Quirky Story Line


  • Control Issues With Sluggish Tilt
  • Has Touch Screen Quirks


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