Fast food is awesome. I know we’re not supposed to think like that in this age of health and information on what you’re putting into your body. But dang, it freaking rules. Cheap, quick, and delicious. I am torn of course, as is a lot of people on whether or not to make that McDonalds or Taco Bell run. If you do manage to squash out the thought at what you’re doing to your body you can enjoy your burger and burrito in peace. If you had a copy of Fast Food Calories on your iOS device and looked up what you were ordering, there’s no way in hell you would make the choice to stop in and get your fix. Seeing the numbers plastered in your face may even induce your fast food filled cardiac system into a heart attack. That aside having this information is invaluable to those of us our there who need to eat better and need that shock of what you’re doing when you stop in and buy your meal.

The application comes to us from Nanobit Ltd. and is free of charge, that of course is my favorite price and it’s great that they’re providing this app for free, it’s really a public service. It looks fantastic, the interface couldn’t be easier to navigate. Just tap on your restaurant of choice, and they’re all there, so many places I’ve never heard of, and those that I have, every item on the menu is listed. There is a crazy amount of data provided, so many places, so many menu items. I would suggest everyone who is a fast food lover to grab this and input their last meal just to see how you’re doing, it might encourage some better choices, at least I hope it does for me, cause I need to make some. Caloric shock treatment.


  • Free
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Every Restaurant Known To Man Listed
  • Included Calorie Counter Is Helpful


  • Feelings Of Guilt And Self Loathing After Counting Up Your Last McDonalds Run


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