The racing category is one of the most successful in the Apple App Store. Between apps that use the accelerometer to those that have virtual controls, this gaming category cannot be stopped. With Death Rally for iOS, the category only gets better.

Death Rally is a racing game with a lot of history. Originally released back in 1996, the game has been ported to many different platforms. Now the game has been ported to iOS, and it is better than ever. Death Rally is a top down racing game with the objective of either winning the race or destroying all your opponents using a variety of weapons. Throughout the game, you are constantly upgrading your weapons and car to defeat the ever-increasing threat of your racing opponents. I have to say, this game is so fun. The level of customization, varying difficulty of each race, and the amount of game modes and tracks, make for an extremely addicting game. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to Death Rally’s features. Although there are several tracks inside the game, they quickly get old and repetitive. The developers tried to alleviate this by mixing and matching game modes, while reversing the races every once in a while, but the races continue to get old after about 7 or 8 races. Don’t get me wrong, though, this game is brilliantly fun.

The game’s interface is all about the racing, obviously. The buttons and sliders all come with a hint of chrome that really add to the experience. The entire UI stays on a nice simple line on the bottom of your device’s screen, giving a nice front-and-center view of your tricked out vehicle. Overall, the app is nice to look at and the game is even more fun to play.

Death Rally is a magnificent game, with tons of different vehicles, race types, and weapons. The game truly is one of my favorite games on the iOS platform and is honestly one of the best racing games out there.


    • Really fun and addicting
    • Great amount of customization for cars and weapons


    • Tracks can get old after a while


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