• Title: Cut the Rope
  • Price: $.99
  • Seller: Chillingo
  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: October 4, 2010
  • Version Reviewed: 1.3
  • Rating: 4+


Quirky little puzzle games seem to be the main thing in the App Store right now, just look at the Angry Birds franchise. Cut the Rope is, to me at least, better than Angry Birds, in my most humble opinion.

Cut the Rope starts with a quick cut scene showing a mysterious package left at your door with a label on it that says “feed with candy.” Inside you find a hungry green creature known as “Om Nom” who has an insatiable desire for candy, which oddly enough is suspended inside of his box with an array of ropes. Feeding the creature starts out easy, but soon starts to get challenging if you want to clear each level with three stars (just like Angry Birds!). The gameplay is rather simple at first when all you are doing is slashing different ropes. The simplicity is only temporary though, as you progress further in the game most of the levels require some quick reflexes to not only get all three stars but to get the candy into the mouth of Om Nom. I like the fact that this game requires a little more skill over Angry Birds which is more of a shoot the bird and hope it hits the right place. In addition to the challenging and fun gameplay the levels seem to move at a swift pace and it never seems like there are any dull moments.

The graphics in the game a nice, simple and they look great. The look the Om Nom has once you fail a level makes you feel sad for it. The music kind of loops and it is not the most amazing soundtrack, but it is tolerable and can be substituted with your own music if you want to but the music is not the reason why you will play this game. One awesome thing about this game is that they are constantly adding new levels and content which is always a plus once you beat all the available levels that came with the game.

Overall, this is a blasty blast of a puzzle game that I think is better then Angry Birds, but since the main character is not a bird its not as popular among App Store users (ha!). This is definitely worth a look for anyone and since it is only .99 it is totally worth the purchase.


  • Great Looking Graphics
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Constantly Being Updated


  • Music is Annoying


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