• Title: Comic Zeal Comic Reader Mini

    • Price: $3.99

    • Developer: Bitolithic Pty. LTD.

    • Publisher: Emiliano Molina
    • Category: Entertainment

    • Release Date: August 4th, 2010

    • Version Reviewed: 4.0.26


I have been looking for something to read comic files I have come across or created myself online, and converting everything into PDF to read with iBooks was getting to be too damned tedious and annoying for me. I stumbled across Comic Zeal and will never go back, never, period. To use Comic Zeal you will need a piece of software installed on your PC or Mac to convert the files you have and load them into the application on your iOS device. Note this review is of the cheaper version of the app dedicated to iPod and iPhone as the iPad fairy has yet to grace my home. Once you have that software installed you drop your files into it and set it for iPhone and watch it churn out the converted files, then you either use the applications upload feature, or drag the converted files into the app from within iTunes on the apps portion of your device. I would suggest the latter option for loading the files, as the internal upload feature can screw up from time to time. Once you have your data loaded you are into your virtual cardboard box of comics. You can sort titles and organize everything in a manner that is just as simple as opening a lid and flipping through to what you want to read. There are some items you can purchase or download from within the app, but I used it solely to upload files I got from other sources.

I cannot suggest this app enough to my fellow comic geeks out there browsing for an app to read your books on the go. I’ve used it constantly since purchasing the application and would put it in my top favorites. That might be because I am a comic geek, so for those of you who are not, I can’t say this app would do much for you, sorry. The price is generally higher than I like to pay but they have put out an amazing product that is nearly perfect with nothing close to it, so that premium price, well freaking worth it. Nerds assemble! But Comic Zeal and enjoy!


    • Easy to use
    • Great interface
    • Easiest way to read a comic on your iOS device


    • The internal upload feature on the application can be touchy.


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