In high school, I took a year of Russian. It was a very difficult language to learn and I always wished there was some sort of tool that would help me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Collins Pro: Russian to English Translation Dictionary, because it would’ve been a great help.

Collins Pro: Russian to English Translation Dictionary, if you couldn’t tell by its name, is a translator that will convert any English word to Russian (or vice versa). The app is more of a dictionary than a translator because, unfortunately, the app only looks up a single word at a time. This was kind of a turn-off for me, because I feel if someone is paying $25 for a translator, that’s what it should be. Don’t get me wrong, the app is great! Any word you could possibly think of is inside this app. Along with word look-up, there are other features such as: Using the number pad to instantly spell out any number with text, or tapping the verb box to change tenses, or double-tap to view the full verb table.

The app is actually laid out very well, with the basic layout that most iPad apps share. A scrollable list of words on the left with a more detailed view on the right. Overall its a pretty normal looking app, nothing too special. There are a few special features that stand out such as a history of all searches and pinching to zoom on each section of words on the left-hand side. These are little things that make the app special, not worth the price, but…special.

Collins Pro: Russian to English Translation Dictionary, is a great app, and although it sounds like I’ve been bashing it this whole time, I can’t say how useful this is. It is certainly a wonderful app for anyone who is in need of a Russian to English dictionary, not a translator. The only real problem is that if you need features such as; whole sentence translation, spoken word pronunciation, and common phrases; you’ll be out of luck. But if you are already somewhat fluent with the Russian language but need help remembering words or phrases, this app is for you. Overall, this app is amazing; the perfect dictionary for any traveler, just make sure you know what you’ll be dropping $25 on.


    • Excellent Word Selection
    • Translates Numbers and Words


    • Expensive for the Amount of Functionality
    • More of a Dictionary than a Translator


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