This is a game that if I could give more than 5 stars, I would. It’s an interactive game where you play a rough around the edges Detective. Think CSI meets Bones, kinda.

So, you are a Detective and solve cases with a hot female FBI agent. It’s an easy to play game, but it has very enticing story lines and in some instances you have to make split second decisions.  If you choose the wrong one, the story takes a different turn. What do I mean? This is not your usual game where you control a character and do quests kind of thing. Your job in the game is to make decisions. There is a lot of reading, so think of it like an interactive comic book!

Each decision you make in the game will earn you Detective Points and change the outcome of the story up until a certain checkpoint. The questions and answers you give and ask in the game will provide you different tips and evidence as you search for clues to solve the crime. If you chose the wrong answers, you will die and it will be game over, but you can play the game again from the last check point. It’s also really cool that at different points in the game you get to play the part of the hot FBI agent as well. When you buy the game, you play the initial storyline and you get to meet the characters and know a little bit about their background, but once the you complete that story line, another one starts, but you only get to play the first episode. The other episodes and are available free weekly or if you can’t or don’t want to wait, you can pay to get the next one.

The graphics in this game are really well done and the conversations in the game aren’t corny and music fits to a tee.


  • Awesome Storylines
  • Free Weekly Episode for New Storylines
  • Sharing Options via Email, Facebook and Many More


  • Having to Wait for New Episodes
  • Lots of Reading


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