Flipping through iTunes I found Burn The Rope from Big Blue Bubble and decided to check it out. From the description and screenshots it looked to be a game that may have some of the characteristics of the other addictive games out on the iOS platform. So I picked it up to find out if my hunch was correct. In some respects I was correct. The gameplay is fast paced and very easy and quick to pick up, but actually doing well is a whole other story. While it’s difficult to master, it is not so hard that you give up and toss the app.  Just keep trying. It is addictive, it’s just not quite perfected yet. While it is a great idea to use the motion controls to keep your flame going as long as it’s oriented up, at times turning seems sluggish and the fire doesn’t always move at the same pace. I would not suggest plugging in headphones to play Burn The Rope because of the turning, you will yank your earbuds out at least one or two times trying to keep that fire going. In the notes on iTunes they have some promises for the upcoming 1.2 release of Burn The Rope, they will have Retina level graphics and some other changes. Active development gives me hope that this App will turn into a full fledged addictive time waster.

I would suggest picking this App up as a future investment in something great. Right now you will enjoy it, but some of the flaws may give you some momentary frustration. There is hope in the fact that they have an update coming, which should lower the frustration by eliminating some flaws. It’s a great price point to get into the App before the update and price hike to $2. If you’re wary though, I understand and would not force your clicking finger into picking it up.  They may never get it perfected and you’d be out a whole dollar. Either way, I will still love you. With or without Burn The Rope.


  • Innovative Use Of Motion Control
  • Easy To Figure Out
  • Fun Interface And Cutesy Animation


  • Playing With Headphones And Turning The Device Can Result In Yanked Cable
  • Retina Graphics Not Available Yet
  • Some Motion Seems Sluggish


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