When speaking to some friends about apps they use on a regular basis,  Bloomberg’s application came up as one they use frequently to check up on their stocks. Being “po’ white trash” such as myself I’ve never had much of a use for such things.  Concepts like savings and economics are alien, but I decided I would give it a look.  I looked around and pulled up some stocks. It helps when such things have the large price tag of $0, my favorite price. The application looks amazing, fantastic interface, can’t emphasize enough how slick this app looks and how easy it is to use.  There is a lot of data packed into this wonderful application also. There is an up to date news tab that runs down different bits of financial information from several sources, there are a ton of additional sources you can add using the edit feature. There’s a tab with run downs for all the markets around the globe, another you can keep your portable portfolio on so you can track all that “cake”, and the last lets you search for stocks by company name or symbol. All of these pages have wonderful graphics and details out the wazoo.

I am far and away the last person you would want to speak to about investing or planning with your money, but I will point you in Bloomberg’s way to find information on such things. The app done so well perhaps I’ll start a portfolio just so I have something to track with this app. If not I can just look up my employer and see how we’re doing that day, or dream about time traveling to 1997 and buying some cheap Apple stock… ah dreams.


  • Free
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Extreme Detail Given On Every Page


  • None, Other Than My Lack Of Money And Stocks


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