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19 Aug 2011
Comments Off on Space is Key – Fun and Anger Inducing

Space is Key – Fun...

Review When i first started using iOS, I scrounged around the App Store looking for a game that wouldn’t cost me much, but would keep me coming back for days on end. »

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17 Aug 2011
Comments Off on ScreenSlam – Must Have App for Must See Movies

ScreenSlam – Must...

Review As my summer movie list continues to fill up, and summer begins to wind down, there is simply no way get all the info I need to see what movie is view-worthy…or »

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15 Aug 2011
Comments Off on Groove Coaster – Kind of Groovy, Can Induce Headaches

Groove Coaster –...

Review Music, it’s my crutch, my paradise, my everything; without it I wouldn’t be able to survive. I love any kind of music-related app that changes how I look »

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11 Aug 2011
Comments Off on Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader – So Close To Being Great

Comic Zeal Comic Book...

Review I love to read comic books so the first app I purchased when I bought the iPad 2 was Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader. As you may recall we reviewed Comic Zeal Comic Book »

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10 Aug 2011
Comments Off on Who Owes Who – Dr. Seuss Book or iOS App?

Who Owes Who – Dr....

Review I do not know about you, but my friends occasionally borrow money from me. Unfortunately (for me), they never remember how much they owe or to whom. Fortunately, with »

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1 Aug 2011
Comments Off on Death Rally – A Game Worth Living For

Death Rally – A Game...

Review The racing category is one of the most successful in the Apple App Store. Between apps that use the accelerometer to those that have virtual controls, this gaming category »

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25 Jul 2011
Comments Off on GarageBand for iPad – Ready for the Studio

GarageBand for iPad –...

Review You have heard of GarageBand, a music crafting application that’s been around for a whileon the Mac, but until recently the there has not been an equivalent in »

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21 Jul 2011
Comments Off on FileXChange – Not worth the exchange

FileXChange – Not...

Review I use my iPad for everything, but sometimes I wish there were an easier way to get files off of it. The official iTunes interface is just not as easy as it should be. »

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19 Jul 2011
Comments Off on Fruit Ninja HD – Take your anger out on some watermelons!

Fruit Ninja HD –...

Review I don’t know about you, but I hate fruit. Seriously, I never eat enough of it and it always spoils before I can; it’s a waste of money. I wish there was »

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18 Jul 2011
Comments Off on Interview Assistant – A great assistant for your assistant

Interview Assistant –...

Review This is a good basic app for interviewers who do not have any experience and do not know what type of questions to ask during an interview. The app itself is quite »

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