• Title: Asteroid Blast

  • Price: $0.99

  • Developer: Legendary Games

  • Publisher: Marcus Riganelli
  • Category: Games

  • Release Date: March 15th, 2011

  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Rating: 9+


There are a lot of things that I would be able to say about Asteroid Blast, if there was enough of a game to really say a lot about. It goes as far as being a game, and it being on the iOS platform, but that does not a good app make. It is a simple game, tap the asteroid as it is flying across the screen and the asteroids get faster as it goes along. That’s it folks, the end. There is a score at the top, and you can only miss so many of the asteroids before you have failed. I give all I can in a giant “woo hoo”. I do not mean to be a prick or piss on some guys attempt to make a game, publish it, and make a buck or two (if it makes more than two I am stunned), but the game just does absolutely nothing for me. It’s like the hussies on TV and in movies that are so plastic they might shatter in deep cold. All looks and no substance, except even the looks are nothing great. Terrible analogy I guess. Whatever, you don’t know me, don’t judge… hater.

I cannot suggest that anyone spend a dollar on this application. Do not do it. I apologize to whoever spent their time and put their work and sweat into creating this application, but damn. It’s a bit audacious to even think about charging for this application. It is not good enough to cross that Free and $.99 barrier. It just isn’t. I am trying to be a positive reviewer and not just take a shit on someone, but damn. Tapping to blow up an asteroid just does not cut it in this day and age.  No way, no how.


  • The Game Didn’t Crash When Launched, Only Positive Thing I Can Say


  • Too Simple, Not Enough
  • Crazy To Charge $.99


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