Ever thought, “How would I do as a airport air controller?”  Here is a game that will let you try it out. This is one of the better time management games out there.

The point is to land the plane and get passengers on and off the plane, but in between, depending on the plane, it will require a tune up and a fill up. You are responsible for managing all the planes that are in the air that need to land and all the planes on the ground that need to be filled with passengers and put back up in the air. At each stage, you can purchase upgrades to the airport and add runways, passenger terminals and other items that will help keep the planes in the air happy and to buy yourself more time on the ground.

The graphics in this game are cute. The planes have big smiley faces on them until their patience runs out, and then they look like they are going to blow up. Each plane is a different color and size, the bigger the plane, the more points it is compared to the smaller ones. Match the plane with its right colored terminal and get extra points. It sounds easy enough, but when you get into it the amount of planes that are buzzing around it becomes a little overwhelming. Sometimes, however, that is the challenge that makes this game fun.

I have spent countless hours trying to get expert on every level and to this day I still have not been able to. Do I still try? Yes, every so often I will go back and try all the stages that I did not get expert on again! Maybe it’s just me, but I have had this game for a little while now and I still play it. Replay value? Check.


  • Cute Graphics
  • Lots of upgrade options
  • Plenty of levels to play


  • Some levels are a little overwhelming
  • Lacks a stoyline


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